Marine Slop and Marpol Oil

Marine slop and waste oil includes bilge sludge, cargo residues, engine oils, contaminated fuel oils as well as bilge water and cargo rinsing water. These tailormade solutions improve the recovery of Marine Slop and Marpol oil. 

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Heavy Fuel Oil Treatment

These products help meet the required specifications of bunker fuel supply as well as improving overall combustion efficiency. Other benefits are very efficient oil water separation, de-agglomeration of asphaltenes, and saving on fuel consumption. 

Spill Control Pro

It is a concentrated product that must be diluted in water. It is a fast-acting product to clean residues of oils, fuels, and other spills.


Biodegrease Pro

It is a concentrated degreaser/descaler. It has a fast action which penetrates and chemically reacts with all types of dirt dissolving it easily. It can be quickly rinsed away with water to leave your greasy parts completely clean. It can be used on all types of surfaces including: 

  • Garbage containers

  • Screens

  • Tarpaulins

  • Machines

  • Trucks 

  • Garbage trucks

  • Ecopoints

  • Oils

  • Walls

  • Rubber

  • Roads

  • Floors