C-Force Industry

Prevents the liberation and re-suspension of dust in and around mines, during trans-loading and storage of ores and minerals. Provides a cleaner and healthier work environment for employees. Applicable in mines, dry bulk terminals, steel mills, and coal-fired power stations. 

C-Force Industry IPC

During the production, handling and transportation of iron ore pellets and sinter, a lot of dust is generated and liberated. This causes discomfort for workers and their surroundings, wears down equipment, and presents a substantial loss of raw material. This product is specially designed for production and handling of iron ore pellets and sinter.

Important features are as follows: ​​

  • Effective dust control

  • Weatherproof

  • Applicable on cold as well as hot pellets/sinter (-25 to 290 ˚C) 

  • Moisture repellent 

  • Easy to apply

  • Long-term performance

C-Force Infra

This product is developed to keep sand fixed at its intended position, preventing re-suspension of dust in the air. Examples of applications are: construction of roads, new residential areas, airports, railways, dirt roads, and sand beds. 

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