Solar Wash Protect

Solar Wash Protect is an efficient and effective solar cleaning solution. It is applicable on all types of dirt, optimizing the use of water throughout the procedure. The formula also adds an additional layer of protection to the panel after application, reducing water spotting and slowing the adhesion and accumulation of dirt. The solution is non-solvent, pH neutral, reduces the cleaning frequency, is biodegradable whilst also being phosphate and chlorine free. 

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Industrial Glass Protect

Industrial Glass Protect is a durable anti-soiling coating with hydrophobic characteristics, which has been developed to for easy application on industrial glass or PV solar glass to minimize adhesion of any kind of dirt and maximize its removal. Some key benefits include: 

  • Free from fluorocarbons and other cumulative chemicals that negatively affect environment;

  • No titanium dioxide (TiO2) or any other nanoparticles that may affect human health;

  • Environmental friendly (Non-Toxic & Biodegradable);

  • Faster and easier cleaning, which allow reduced use of consumables;

  • Fewer cleaning cycles needed, saving in O&M costs;

  • UV resistant and stable, essential in areas with high sun loads;

  • Ready to use and easy to apply;

  • Short curing time even at room temperature.

Sani Protect

Sani Protect is a ready to use non-alcoholic hand and surface liquid disinfectant. Specifically developed for intensive application and fast performance. Does not damage the skin, the product’s moisturizing formula promotes smooth hands. It can be used on

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        hands (without causing skin irritation) and in any type of surfaces, countertops, doors, wheelbarrows, ATM, smartphone, handles, hospital material etc. It is not flammable or contains dangerous elements.

Truck Wash Pro

It is a concentrated product that must be diluted in water. It is a quick-action truck wash product that penetrates and reacts chemically with all kinds of dirt by dissolving it with ease. It is odourless, making it optimal for indoor application.