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Africa Pura, is a joint venture company to exploit hydrocarbon, petroleum waste management and other associated services in the main Mozambique ports and to collect used engine, hydraulic and other lubrication oils in the region, either for sanitary disposal or for re-cycling and re-use. We pride ourselves as a specialized oil solution company, that provides environmental technology services to the Petroleum, Shipping and Mining Industries.



Equip Mozambique and its Hinterland with the most sustainable and economically sound dust management solutions.


Create a greener and healthier environment for Africa’s sustainable development.




The liberation and presence of dust in the air is a problem that causes a nuisance around the globe. Not only does dust cause discomfort, but it also poses a serious threat to the public health. Our product was especially developed to prevent the liberation and re-suspension of dust in and around mines, during trans-loading and storage of ores and minerals and provides a cleaner and healthier environment. C-Force® INDUSTRY is applicable in mining, dry bulk terminals, steel mills and coal-fired power stations.


Wind erosion can transport carefully placed sands on construction sites to undesired areas in a very short time. This can cause a lot of discomfort in the direct environment. C-Force® INFRA was especially developed to keep the sand fixed at its intended position and to prevent the re-suspension of dust in the air.

Examples of applications are:  construction of roads, new residential areas, airports, railways, dirt roads and sand beds.


The emission of dust can cause great problems during recycling processes of wood, glass, waste, organic manure, bottom ash, fly ash, etc. Especially inside factories dust can’t escape, but in open air the dust can also cause major (health) risks. Prevention is better, more effective and cheaper, than cure. Applying a layer of C-Force® RECYCLING will prevent dust of becoming airborne.


C-Force® AGRI is especially developed as dust reducing agent for agricultural purposes. It stabilizes the sand particles at the surface protecting crops against abrasion. The result is better and stronger crops and a better yield while also reducing dehydration of the top layer, which provides better germination.


We are focused on improving your financial performance by integrating our specialized environmental products and services with core business functions.


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